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img_0203I have always found passion in the aesthetics of the human body.  Not simply from a personal trainer or athletic perspective, but from an artist’s perspective. There is something fulfilling and compelling about an art project that spans a life time. To me, fitness is an art.  The human body is a living canvas.  This painting is of one of my trainees, Laura Johnson.  I worked with her for more than two years. She’s always been well built, but training her helped to add the finishing touches you see in this painting.

The Process! Phil Heath IPad Painting

Painted with Ipad Pro 12.9, Procreate, and Apple Pencil.

Phil Heath,”The Gift!”

Phil Heath is the current 6 time Mr Olympia champion. He is known for his saturated muscle bellies and great symmetry.    Every year I look at the line up and I see fierce competition trying to take his crown away, but when he steps on stage, the game is over!  He is truly “Gifted” with great genetics and incredible work ethic, which produces an unbeatable champion of bodybuilding.


One Of The Most Aesthetic Bodybuilders Off All Time, Flex Wheeler.



Painted using the Apple Pencil in Procreate on the IPad Pro 12.9inch.


Intense Moment!


In the picture above, you have kai Green and the current Mr Olympia, Phil Heath.  These two are the best bodybuilders in the world.  This picture captures an intense moment they shared in the 2014 Mr Olympia contest.  They are both extremely good at what they do.   I thought this picture was Iconic and I wanted to replicate it.

The Process

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